may 25 2023 // press release

Crystal Lagoons and Ka'ana Wave Co. partner to bring surfing to venues worldwide

Crystal Lagoons and Ka'ana Wave Co have signed a Preferred Vendor Agreement to certify Ka'ana's CM7-Series surf machines for installation in Crystal Lagoons® amenities. With millions of people passionate about surfing and millions more keen to learn, the partnership provides Crystal Lagoons developers an amenity to attract those who want to surf.


may 3 2023 // WAVEPOOLMAG.COM

Why wave variety is important and how it’s done

The thinking goes that with a larger wave offering a wave pool business will be able to attract more customers, from those who have never surfed before on up to elites seeking high-level training platforms. It sounds obvious enough, but look closely and you’ll find there are many layers that answer the question “why do you need wave variety, and exactly how you go about doing it?”


november 28 2022 // press release

Ka’ana Wave Co. enters exclusive distribution deal with Polin Waterparks

Ka’ana Wave Co., creator of award-winning CM7-Series surf attractions, announced it has successfully entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with global waterpark manufacturing giant, Polin Waterparks.


september 15 2022 // ka'ana wave co.

Ka’ana Wave Co. showcases pop-up surf park with stationary deep-water waves

Ka’ana Wave Co. celebrated the launch of their CM7-Series wave machines with a pop-up surf park at Britannia Beach, British Columbia. Their ground-breaking technology represents a new class of artificial surf attraction, one that creates a variety of deep-water surf waves, in new and existing pools and lagoons.

The company said its aim is to break down barriers to entry and make surfing more accessible for everyone..



The Big List: 9 Rapid Wave Pool Technologies and How They Work

What is a standing wave? Also known as a stationary wave or rapid wave, in surfing terms it is a wave with moving, surf-able water that contains the characteristics of a river rapid wave. Standing wave pools are human made stationary waves designed to produce a wide variety of rapid waves.


December 4, 2021// WAVEPOOLMAG.COM

Ka’ana Wave Co. grabs Brass Ring award at IAAPA

Ka’ana Wave Co. is celebrating its successful exhibitor debut at IAAPA Expo 2021, which was held in Orlando, Florida, last month. As well as giving the team a chance to showcase Ka’ana’s cutting-edge CM7-Series wave machines in action, the show also resulted in an awards win for the new technology.


SeptembEr 21, 2021// press release

Ka’ana Wave Co. enters production deal with AdvanTec

This week Ka’ana Wave Co. formally announced an agreement with leading manufacturer AdvanTec Global Innovations Inc. The partnership gives Ka’ana the resources required to rapidly scale up manufacturing to provide global service and support for their CM7-Series installations.

Ka’ana’s first CM7-Medium-wave machine, capable of producing a variety of deep-water, stationary waves, is already in production with the legacy marine engineering and manufacturing company.



What if you created Kelly’s Wave, but standing still?

The most exciting thing about the wave pool space is that it’s constantly evolving. Currently, surf tanks are neatly defined as producing either traveling waves or rapid (stationary) waves. But what happens when something new emerges that defies previous classifications?

The new Ka’ana Wave Co. system is a rapid wave, but it also resembles a boat wake perfect for wake surfing, with some of the Zambezi River thrown in for good measure.



Backstory: The how-and-the-why of the Ka’ana Wave Co.

It’s the backstory of bringing new technology to see the light of day that makes the wave pool space so interesting. Throwing rocks in a pond inspired Aaron Trevis to build the giant plunger in Yeppoon while Greg Webber’s fire was lit by watching boat wakes reel down a riverbank.

In a follow-up to our initial conversation with bathymetry agnostic wavemakers Ka’ana Wave Co last month we now dig a little deeper into the How-and-Why of this new wave-making technology.



New Technology: Where stationary and traveling waves meet

Yes, we certainly live in crazy times. From Kelly’s human-made wave debut at the close of 2015 to a plunger in the Australian scrub kicking out a utopian (or dystopian depending on who you talk to) surf-future, we all share an amazing time where creativity is melding with engineering guts. To add to the craziness, we recently discovered a portable, bathymetry-agnostic wave system inspired by a Peruvian drainage system. Impossible you say?