september 15 2022 // press release

Ka’ana Wave Co. showcases pop-up surf park with stationary deep-water waves


Ka’ana Wave Co. celebrated the launch of their CM7-Series wave machines with a pop-up surf park at Britannia Beach, British Columbia. Their ground-breaking technology represents a new class of artificial surf attraction, one that creates a variety of deep-water surf waves, in new and existing pools and lagoons.

The company said its aim is to break down barriers to entry and make surfing more accessible for everyone.The pop-up surf park was an opportunity for Ka’ana to reveal the company’s first wave shapes, develop CM7 safety protocols, and collect feedback about the surf experience from more than 250 people including industry insiders, professional athletes, developers, city planners, architects, resort planners, and aquatic designers.

Shaping waves at 60 to 70 percent of the machine’s capacity, Ka’ana Wave Co. showcased the world’s first stationary, bathymetry-agnostic, artificial surf waves at the event. These waves included a right break barrel, boat wake, and river jump.

The demo in British Columbia proved the concept works

“This has never been done before, so the pop-up surf park was a chance for us to learn and a chance to demonstrate that the CM7-Series delivers a surf experience that is both safe and incredibly fun for everyone,” said Jamie Watson, Ka’ana Wave Co. Chief Executive Officer. “The event was a huge success and validated much of what we anticipated but could not know without putting people on the waves.

The pop-up was also a chance for us to share this huge milestone and memorable experience with our family, friends, and with stakeholders in the surf park space.” The company extended a massive thanks to friends and partners that helped build the park, and to the folks that came out to ride the waves, as well as the community of Britannia Beach.