innovation in every wave


We shape water to create the most economically feasible, fun, dynamic, deep-water waves: big or small.


CM7-Series produce the greatest variety of deep-water surf waves, which are stationary to reduce cost and footprint.


Bathymetry-agnostic, CM7-Series can be installed into new and existing pools and lagoons.


CM7-Series scale 3-dimensionally to deliver the right size surf experience for everyone.


interchangeable shaping heads

Produce a variety of wave shapes with just one machine, to deliver a surf experience that is fun for the widest range of ages, skills, and abilities.

Shaping heads can be changed quickly and easily.

variable pitch
and plunge

Adjust the height and pitch of a wave’s face, to create variety with a single shaping head, and deliver an individualized experience for each rider.

vfd-controlled flow

Adjust flow volumes across the width of a wave in real time, to shape asymmetric waves specific to a rider's preference, and create even more variety with a single shaping head.

preset wave shapes

Capture and save custom Wave Shapes in real time, then recall  Wave Shapes on the fly to deliver the select wave for each rider in the lineup.

automated surf sessions

Combine saved Wave Shapes with timed transitions, to create repeatable dynamic waves,  control ride duration, guarantee throughput, and reduce power consumption.


CM7-Series wave machines create bathmetry-agnostic waves and can be installed in new and existing pools and lagoons. With this freedom, we help you create a unique and appealing surf experience that is designed to fit your masterplan.

deployment options

Drop-in: existing pools and lagoons

Plug and Play: CM7 Surf Pool

Integrated: custom pools and lagoons

what is "bathymetry agnostic"?

Simply put, we don’t require a ramp or contour on the pool floor to shape waves for surfing.

Deep-water, safe, and low impact. Integrates into your pool or lagoon as a holistic component of your master-plan, with no purpose-built, single-use basin required.

Typical: Bathymetry required

CM7-Series: Bathymetry Agnostic


Fun for a variety of activities, CM7-Series waves, and wave machines scale 3-dimensionally. Wider, taller, longer: the CM7-series has the right size machine for your venue to help you deliver the best experience for your guests.


The only stationary surf technology that can deliver an endless variety of waves, in a variety of pools and lagoons, for a variety of activities, we help you achieve maximum value from your investment in surf.